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I am Carlos, founder of I am an engineer by profession, and digital marketer by passion.

The materials and ideas expressed on this website represent years of research developing a wide range strategies to improve the rankings and design of both my and my customer’s web offerings.

Of all the skills I acquired during this years, I have specialized on Web Analytics and what I call UX-SEO (User Experience//Search Engine Optimization), designed to provide the best possible user experience yet is optimized for today’s search engines – a powerful combination!

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I love traveling! And I've done a lot.

The cold but beautiful country of Poland is my current home, but I have also lived and worked in the US, Spain and Mexico. Over the past ten years, I was lucky to meet wonderful people from all over the world, and to be part of their cultures and traditions.

I must say that all this diversity has made me grow both personally and professionally, and thanks to the colleagues and friends I have met through these years, I am always on the edge of what is happening in the digital marketing community worldwide, and first hand!


Since I was a kid, I always wanted to know how things worked from the inside, but especially how to make them work better.

I used to open everything that had screws: my first Nintendo, remote control cars, and even televisions, and most of the time was even able to put them back together :).

I still maintain that curiosity, but now on another level. When I had my first computer, my passion moved to the digital world.

I realized that it was much faster to explore and if something was missing it was easier back, and adjust the "loose parts."

Shortly after, I started to develop and design websites, at first just for fun, but as I was getting more involved, the curiosity grew, and I wanted to know why and from where people were coming from but especially how to attract even more.

Suddenly I was testing, analyzing and optimizing my sites to get better rankings in Google, and that's when I got hooked on the digital marketing world, a new passion grew on me.

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After years of trial and error research building and optimizing websites, I founded, where I apply everything I've learned about digital marketing and, most importantly, what I'm still learning, for as the web continues to evolve, so must we as content providers. In many cases, what worked yesterday, won’t work today. My experience allows my customers the ability to skip costly mistakes and jump right into what is working today.

After the successful launch of, the web continued to grow in complexity, and as such, the need for my services grew and grew until I was able to quit my office job and devote myself full time to the blog and the needs of my customers. I’ve never been happier! offers personalized assistance in the fields of Web Analytics and UX- SEO. I can proudly report that both and many of the sites I've helped are now reporting growth well beyond expectations!

Word of our success spread quickly and by June of 2016, I have worked with over 400 sites in a wide range of Analytic and SEO projects. I hope yours will be our next!

Success by the Numbers

In less than six months after launch, I managed to increase the traffic to tremendously, generating hundreds of backlinks in the process. And I did all of it using our proven UX-SEO approach:

  • UX: Good content and an excellent user experience generated hundreds of backlinks naturally, one of Google’s most important ranking factors. While adding more than 3500 new subscribers and growing!
  • SEO: By applying the techniques that work while avoiding those that don't, went from ten hits a day to over 2,000 in just three months!

I also wrote a post for MOZ, one of the most important digital marketing blogs on the Internet, the post was even in the TOP 10 of 2015.


The Key to the SUCCESS!

You guessed it, the key to success is UX-SEO!

Initially, my approach for driving more traffic was mainly focused on pure SEO, as was the practice at the time. Write a useful article, optimize it for some keywords, get some backlinks.

The UX component of my work was not initially even part of the plan; it evolved over time. I grew to love everything about web design, images, colors, fonts, and I spent a lot of time doing it.

Without realizing, these efforts were soon rewarded and began to really make a difference. I started getting multiple links from people who liked one of my articles, an image, or simply the design of the blog.

Then I realized, UX not only made my site look more appealing and engaging for my customers but also helped with the traditional SEO process. Of course, this wouldn't have been possible without the help of other of my favorite areas, Web Analytics, because you can't improve what you don't measure.

2016/2017 is looking excellent, with many satisfied readers, happy customers, and several new and exciting projects on the horizon. I sincerely hope yours will be one of them!

I hope the tips I share and tools I use, lead your site to success as well. See you around :)

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