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Google Analytics 360 Cloud Suite

Google just released a brand new version of its famous Web Analytics Service, the Google Analytics 360 Suite, a marketing cloud machine intended to help digital marketers and analyst make sense of user behaviors and data coming from different devices.

Google Analytic 360 Suite it's an improved version of Google Analytics Premium which offered the ease and power from the standard version of Google Analytics (the one that most of us use) on a great scale.

Google Analytics Premium vs. Standard

The advantages of the previously called premium version over the standard were not evident until you had enormous amounts of data to analyze. For the common user with small medium/websites, the free variant of the Analytics service was enough.

Some of the benefits of Google Analytics Premium were:

  • The ability to analyze more data and at a faster rate. (no data sampling)
  • Service level agreements and reliability guarantees.
  • A dedicated Google Support team to help with configurations/goals/segments etc.

Google Analytics 360 Suite

With the new platform, the differences are more visible because beside the benefits that came with the previous paid version (premium), the new suite also comes with a brand new clean interface and new/improved features.

The Suite comes with six tools out of the box, 3 of them new, and also with the option of adding plugins for other Google Products like AdWords and DoubleClick.

Google Audience Center 360 - NEW (Beta)

It has a data management platform that helps marketers understand the needs of their clients and find more of them across different devices, campaigns and channels.

Google Optimize 360 - NEW (Beta)

It allows website personalization and testing, with the aim of helping marketers offer better experiences. Marketers can see various variations of the site and select a version that is ideal for each audience.

Google Data Studio 360 - NEW (Beta)

Data analysis and visualization integration across data sources and other sites. It turns data to dashboards and interactive reports.

Google Tag Manager 360

This feature offers marketers an easy way of collecting site information in the bid to streamline workflows and increase data accuracy.

Google Analytics 360

Rebrand of GA Premium. GA 360 will serve as centerpiece measurement for customer data analysis. Also, it will integrate with as products as a means of making marketing effective.

Google Attribution 360 (formerly Adometry)

Rebrand of Adometry. It will help advertisers understand marketing investments and do proper budget allocations.

Google Analytics 360 Suite Integrated Tools

What's in for the regular user (free version)?

If you use the free version of Google Analytics you won't see a lot of changes, at least at the beggining. These new/imporved features will be for paid acouns and are focused for large websites initially.

At the moment, the license price of GA premium is 150,000 dollars/month, out of scope for most of us, but it's possible that the new suite brings new pricing options, and give the chance to small/medium sites acquire some of the 360 features.

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Analytics Expert. Passionate about SEO and User Experience or what he calls UX-SEO

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