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Google Analytics Annotations Why They are Important and How to Use Them

Google Analytics Annotations are a simple yet powerful and often forgotten feature that will save you lots of time when you try to remember why there was an abrupt change in your reports.

What are Annotations in Google Analytics?

Annotations are small notes that will help you to keep track of important events like marketing campaigns, new filters, important mentions, theme changes, goals, etc. They will help you understand spikes in traffic, unusual changes, and trends on your analytics.

Google Analytics Annotations

Types of Annotations

There are 2 types of annotations in Google Analytics:

  • Shared: This will be seen by any person who has access to the property reports.
  • Private: This will only be available for you.

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How to Add an Annotation in Google Analytics

You can create annotations at any time on any date.

  1. Go to the reporting section in your Analytics.
  2. Click on the small button with a triangle at the bottom of any graph of any report.
    How to Add an Annotation in Google Analytics 1

  3. Click on  +Create new annotation and fill in the form. Options from left to right:
    • Mark as favorite the annotation.
    • Select the date of the event (You can create annotations at any time)
    • Enter a description of the event.
    • Choose between Shared (Everyone who has access) or Private (only for you) How to Add an Annotation in Google Analytics 2
  4. Finally, Save (You can edit the annotations at any time) 

That's it; now you can keep track of all your important events. You can add as many Annotations as you need the more the better.

Note: If you are using an hourly report, meaning you see a graph with the hours of the day instead of days, you won't see the button to add annotations, you should change to a day, week, or month report

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