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What's new and what's gone in the new Google Analytics UI

UPDATED 11/10/2016: New UI changes

Google Analytics is by far the most complete and powerful Analytics tool out there, not only because of its varied reports and metrics, but also because it's intuitive and easy to use interface. 

In the coming weeks, the GA team will be launching an improved Analytics UI that will help simplify some common tasks like navigation between views and customizations. The new Interface also comes with a few deletions as some of their current reports will be discontinued.

What will change in the new GA Interface?

The new GA UI will be a complete makeover based on Material Design standards, a visual language created by Google that is already used in many of their applications.

  1. A brand-new navigation using Google’s Material Design standards. This has been updated since July. For details, read on!
  2. All Customizations, all in one place. Now, all customization elements are contained in a “Customization” left-navigational element.
  3. Simplified GA View switching. “Home” is now replaced by a new picker in the header, which allows you to switch views from any page.
  4. A streamlined login flow. Logging in now automatically takes you to the last Google Analytics View you were previously viewing.
  5. An adjustable default date range You can now change the default date range that GA reports load with. Defaults are now set to 7 days.
  6. Goodbye to a couple of things 
    • Automatic Intelligence Events will be replaced by automated insights from GA Assistant.
    • In-Page Analytics. You can still access these from a chrome extension!

When will the new User Interface be released to the general public?

Some of the changes are already out and the rest of the improvements will be available to all Google Analytics users the next few weeks.

I'll be updating this post as soon as the rest of the changes are available. At the moment these are the current UI improvements.

1. New Navigation...

In July, Google rolled out the new top navigation for Analytics and other applications like GTM. The new Top Navigation has more intuitive controls for switching between Accounts > Properties > Views. This is especially useful if you manage multiple users, accounts, properties or views.


Google Analytics Old Interface


Google Analytics New Interface Top Navigation

So let's go over what has changed and how to take advantage of it.

Hierarchy Navigation: Accounts > Properties & Apps > Views.

The name of the property and view are now at the top left side of the screen whit an independent navigation. It makes it a lot easier to change between Accounts > Properties & Apps > Views.

Google Analytics New Interface Navigation

A difference with the previous window where everything was under the same column, including your user accounts, now when you click on the name of the view, a window will pop up with 1 column for each level. The search box remains at the top.

Area Navigation - Home, Reporting, Customization and Admin

The area navigation remains almost the same; the color changed from blue to orange, and will be moved to the next row.

Accounts, Settings, Notifications and new apps

Several things changed here:

  1. The notifications area, still represented with a bell
    , has a cleaner interface in the form of cards. It also has a new button that opens them in plain text and will allow you to easily copy your notifications.
    Google Analytics New Interface Notifications
  2. The Google Analytics Apps button is a new addition to the interface. It gives quick access to the Google Tag Manager, which had a similar redesign, as well as 2 of the apps from Google Analytics 360, Optimize and Data Studio. At the moment, the general public only has access Data Studio for free, which I recommend trying. It's an improved version of the Custom Dashboard with a lot more options. The Optimize link will take you to the product page you may sign up to the invite list to try it.
    Google Analytics New Interface Apps
  3. The User settings previously represented as a gear 
     was replaced by the standard three dots. From here, you can change the language, send feedback, and open the help menu. 
    Google Analytics New Interface User Settings
  4. The last change you will find is in the user menu which is now the same as other Google Apps with the list of all emails/users you have and a link to your global Google account settings. The new list will simplify the life of GA Account managers with multiple users.
    Google Analytics New Interface Users List

The new Google Analytics interface will certainly simplify some common tasks and bring joy to the millions of Analysts that use this service.

The addition of Google Analytics Apps are also good news, and not only for Premium users (Analytics 360), since some of the new apps (Optimize and Data Studio) will be available for free accounts, although with some limitations.


Analytics Expert. Passionate about SEO and User Experience or what he calls UX-SEO

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