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Easily move any Google Analytics Property to a new account Account

Google recently made possible one of the most requested features among GA users, moving properties between accounts. Learn what are the benefits, requirements and how to do it in just a few clicks.

What are the benefits of moving properties to a different account?

This new feature will help to keep your properties and accounts more organized and for some save a few headaches.

Transfer ownership of Google Analytics property

Many times agencies created all client properties under the agency account. This was a huge error because some of the features in Google Analytics require permissions at account level even if you are applying changes to a specific property.

Everything is fine while you are with the agency because they will do everything for you. The problem comes when the user wants to break relation with the agency for any reason. They can't give you account level permissions because you'll get access to all their properties.

So the only chance was to contact them whenever you want to make changes (for example create filters)  or create a new property and lose all your previous data.

Now if you break relations with an agency you will be able to take full control of the property by transferring it to your own account.

Keeping related properties together

Besides keeping them organized, having related properties on the same account have other benefits besides organization. For example, it is easier to create/update filters when properties are in the same account.

Archive old properties

Sometimes you have old properties that you no longer use, but you don't want to delete because of the historical data value o or just because of your feelings to your first website :), now you can create an account for those old properties and keep clean your active account.

What you should consider before moving your property

The process is painless, Google Analytics team did an excellent job to make the transfer as seamlessly as possible. Everything in the current property will be passed to the new account.


What gets moved

  • Tracking Code will remain the same so no need to make changes on the website
  • All historical data will be moved (not copied)
  • All the settings and configurations: Remarketing Audiences and Dynamic Attributes, Custom Definitions, Data Import, and Custom Tables.
  • All Views including their assets: dashboards, custom reports, annotations, segments, and goals.
  • Filters, all filters are copied, you to just need to keep in mind a couple of things
    • If there is a filter with the same name the filter in the destination account stays.
    • Filters are copied not moved, so don't worry about losing your filters in the original account.
  • Linked Accounts and Integrations: AdWords, AdSense, Ad Exchange, etc. the only exception is DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). If your account is linked to DFP, your first need to unlink the property and once it's moved link it again.
  • Billing (Only for Google Analytics 360 and Google Analytics Premium)

Requirements for transferring Google Analytics properties

You need to meet a few requirements to be able to transfer a property to another account successfully (nothing complicated).

  • First and most important you will need Manage Users and Edit permissions in the destination account.
  • Have less than 50 properties in the account of destination.
  • The property you want to move shouldn't be linked to DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). If it is, you should contact your Analytics representative and unlink the property. Once the property is moved, you can link it again.

*Other less common situations

How to move Properties between Accounts in Google Analytics

If you meet the requirements then you are just a few clicks away from moving your property.

How to transfer a Google Analytics property

To move your property to another account:

  1. Go to the Admin section of the Analytics Account with the property you want to move.
  2. Select the property you want to move (dropdown) and click Property settings.
  3. Click the button Move property at the top right corner.
    How to transfer properties between google analytics accounts
  4. Select the destination account from the drop-down and Choose between keeping user permissions or replace them check the box Confim changes
    How to move a property to another account in google analytics without loosing any data
  5. Click the blue button Start move.You will probably get a Warning saying: "The current account and destination account have different Data Sharing Settings..." Just click Confirm, this is the data you share with GA; you can adjust these settings at any time (see below if you need help finding them).

Extra: Where to change the Data Sharing Settings

To find and change the "Data Sharing Settings" on the destination account, go to the admin section and click on Account settings (first column). And check/uncheck the data you want to share.

That's it, in a few minutes the property should be transferred. Remember to notify all the users of the property you moved because they might get errors accessing the account while the transfer is in progress


Analytics Expert. Passionate about SEO and User Experience or what he calls UX-SEO

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